2012 - The ovarian follicular pool and reproductive outcome in women Pubblicato su:
La Marca A1, Papaleo E, D'Ippolito G, Grisendi V, Argento C, Volpe A. Abstract Both quantitative and qualitative aspects of the ovarian reserve are inversely related to age, hence the relationship existing between low quantity and low quality may be only indirect and depending on their strong relationship with the third variable, namely women's age. However the possibility exists that they may also be directly related. The objective of this study was to investigate the relationship between ovarian reserve and female reproductive outcome. Eight published studies reporting histological data on the human ovaries have been carefully reviewed. Only studies where the reproductive history of women was reported have been included for the analysis. The non-growing follicle count was plotted versus age and the best fit line through the data was calculated. All patients were assigned as to be above or below the calculated median hence differentiating women with high or low ovarian reserve for their age. A similar number of pregnancies ended in miscarriage in women with low and high ovarian reserve. The number of deliveries per woman in both the groups was not statistically different. The results of the study do not support the hypothesis that quality and quantity of the follicular pool are directly related.