1998 - Surgical treatment of ovarian dermoid cysts Pubblicato su:
Morgante G1, Ditto A, la Marca A, Trotta V, De Leo V. Abstract OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the efficacy of laparoscopic ovarian cystectomy and to compare the surgical course, post-surgical course and particularly post-surgical pain of the laparoscopic and laparotomic methods. STUDY DESIGN: We conducted a surgical study on dermoid cysts at the Gynecology Department of Siena University between 1 January 1992 and 31 December 1996. The selected cases were randomized into two groups based on surgical approach: via laparotomy (n=22) or laparoscopy (n=22). Surgical times, estimated blood loss, post-surgical pain, time in hospital, speed of recovery and complications were compared. RESULTS: Mean blood loss was significantly less for laparoscopy (58.64+/-30.17 ml versus 103.84+/-38.45 ml, P<0.05). Mean hospitalization was 6.32+/-1.09 days for laparotomy and 3.18+/-0.39 days for laparoscopy (P<0.05). Post-surgical pain was significantly less in laparoscopy patients (P<0.05). The laparoscopic technique had fewer post-surgical complications. CONCLUSIONS: The laparoscopic approach had many advantages. Laparoscopy should be the elective treatment for women with dermoid cysts, because it has many advantages for the patient and lower costs for the national health system.